The holidays are coming and we are quite happy to come to the end of year with amazing results. One of them being the great work that is made possible via the the project “United towards empowering youth, women and disadvantaged groups” implemented by Jakova Innovation Center, financed by European Union and co-financed by the Municipality of Gjakova.

During the first cycle of the training session, five groups have been organized, exceedingly over 100 successfully trained youth and women. The aim of the training program is to contribute to the development and improvement of employability potential for youth and women and disadvantaged groups by investing in skills and knowledge to become self-employed, excel in the local labor market of Kosovo, and adapt to rapid development of innovation and technology.  The trainings were of the five-day type, where young people were trained in fields such as: business skills, digital skills and soft skills.

Young people are trained in the concept of business plan, project management, financial literacy, time management, digital skills, artificial intelligence, communication and sales.

Participants during the course of the training program are given the opportunity to freely express their thoughts and ideas. They also expressed their experience in training, where they emphasized that the knowledge, they have gained during these days will help them to challenge the labor market. Based on the descriptions of the trainers, the young people had very creative and innovative ideas.

Some of the participants have chosen the opportunity to do an on-job training in different sectors. They have benefited in private companies and public administration. We thank the companies: K- Media Labs, EduTech, Creative, Luna Pictures, Bbros, Shkolla Digjitale and many other business partners for their willingness to train young people and contribute to the Kosovo economy environment.