JIC Jakova Innovation Center is a non-profit organization which has been established by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kosovo in cooperation with the municipality of Gjakova. This center serves as a business incubator with the mission of promoting and supporting young entrepreneurs in the construction and development of new companies. So the role of the incubator consists on providing support for new companies and offering an innovative working space. Furthermore, Jakova Innovation Center provides entrepreneurs with continuous support that involves consulting and training programs in areas such as business management, market research, finance, marketing and many other areas which are important in the process of doing business.

Collaboration with various local and international companies and institutions enables the center to facilitate the road for new companies for entering the international market. Jakova Innovation Center ultimately aspires to make use of creative ideas, people and resources with the aim of influencing the economy and discovering the true potential of young entrepreneurs of Kosovo.

Jakova Innovation Center (JIC)’s mission is to unlock the full potential of diverse and ambitious entrepreneurs to economically transform entire communities. In response to the need for job creation in Kosovo, community leaders came together in 2014 and provided the vision and leadership for a solution: a unique partnership charged with creating economic transformation in South-western Kosovo through the growth of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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