“Empowering Voices: Youth-led Multimedia Against Discrimination” is a project funded by European Union Office in Kosovo and ATRC, designed to address hate speech and discrimination in Gjakova municipality, Kosovo, by harnessing the energy and creativity of its youth.  Over six months, starting February 2024, we will conduct a series of dynamic multimedia workshops for youths aged 15-25. These workshops will focus on educating participants about the impacts of hate speech and discrimination, while simultaneously equipping them with the skills to create powerful digital stories in various formats like videos, podcasts, and blogs.
The main objectives of the project: 
1. Educate and engage youth in identifying and countering hate speech and discrimination.
2. Develop youth skills in digital storytelling and media production.
3. Raise public awareness about the harms of hate speech and the importance of inclusivity.
Our project aims to organize at least five such workshops, each tailored to nurture creativity and critical thinking among the participants. By the end of these sessions, we expect the creation of over 10 compelling multimedia projects that address the pertinent issues of hate speech and discrimination. These projects will be showcased at two major public events. This outreach strategy is not only aimed at increasing public awareness but also at stimulating community-wide discussions and engagement on these crucial social issues.